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The Pardew Principle is the name we gave to a set of team building principles developed from close observation of thousands of teams working to solve complex problems under time pressure. It isn't theory or second-hand concepts pulled from other people's books, but firsthand experience over several years formal study partnering with some of the greatest universities in the world. We know the DNA of effective problem solving teams. We've seen what it takes for normal people to achieve great results working together in a highly effective team. If your company is looking to increase innovation and solve those complex problems that are keeping it from the success it deserves, we can help. Contact one of our team building specialists today. 

Les Pardew
Les Pardew

Les Pardew is an artist, author entrepreneur and speaker. He started his career in film as an animator but soon jumped over to video games where he founded three different game development companies over a 30-year time span. He has over 150 published video games to his credit and is the author of 16 books on art, design and business. He is the owner of Mystery Escape Room one of the top live entertainment companies in the country and winner of multiple awards for entertainment and corporate wellness. He is the originator of The Pardew Principle. He speaks and presents internationally using a high-powered combination of engaging interactive events coupled with impactful research that enables audiences to learn while having fun. His mission is help leaders to build problem solving teams that pursue innovation, prosperity and harmony within themselves and their team.

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