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  • Exclusive VIP Sessions - Each day VIP members can join an exclusive session just for them.
  • Limited Numbers - The VIP sessions are limited to 25 members, so each member has a chance to join the discussion.
  • Full Access - VIP members have access to the recordings of all the challenge sessions including VIP sessions.
  • Let's Talk Business - In the VIP sessions, we address specific business problems submitted by VIP members.
  • Sharing - VIP members have the opportunity to share their experiences with each other and help one another.
  • Free Business Analysis - VIP members can submit their business for a free analysis to identify success steps they can take now.


If you are like us, you want to know everything...


For those who love escape rooms and want to make their escape room business thrive... To learn and share knowledge with other successful escape room business owners... To not miss anything, so they can have a clear road to success.

This is your ONE chance to make that your reality.

But this VIP access is extremely limited because we want to keep this as an intimate experience (most people at an event don't get to see backstage, right?)... So hurry and sign up before all of the spots are full...


Alongside The Live Training We’re Doing On Facebook And Youtube - If You Can Snag One Of The Few VIP Zoom Backstage Spots With Us, Your Tailored Experience Will Also Give You:

Private VIP Zoom Room Access & Bonus Q&A VIP Sessions

This will allow you to interact directly in REAL-TIME through Zoom. It’s like being front and center at the challenge! Plus after the event ends for everyone else, we'll spend 60 minutes with our VIPs ONLY answering questions on Zoom. That's why we are only offering a limited number of VIP spots!

On a Video Call
Online Course

Access To The Event Replay

For non-VIP attendees, the replay of this immersion experience will be permanently deleted from the Facebook Group and YouTube after it ends. The VIP Club will be the only members able to access the FULL replay, including our extended Q+A sessions. 

If you don't want to miss anything or are worried you won't remember everything, the recordings will be a great help.

Let's Talk Business

The general sessions of the Challenge will be focused on escape room design from an artistic and implementation aspect. The VIP sessions will be more focused on business and how escape room design affects the bottom line. It will also be open to other business questions including marketing, employees, and competition issues. If you are looking for business help, this is where you should be. 

Virtual Team Meeting
Data on a Touch Pad

Free Business Analysis

All VIP Members are eligible to receive a free business analysis of their escape room business. The analysis helps you find places where you can make immediate improvements. In it, we analyze your competition, market, online presence, and give you suggestions and resources for improvement. If you are just starting out with only a plan or already have your business up and running for years, another set of experienced eyes may be just the thing you need to move to the next level. 

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