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What is The Pardew Principle?

The Five Decisions Every Great Team must Make

The five foundation principles of effective teams  are decisions that every team member must make for a team to perform at its highest level of effectiveness in the critical areas of problem solving and innovation. 


Some styles of leadership are more effective for working in a team than others. The best team leaders are those that provide structure and organization while encouraging individual problem solving and helping the free exchange of ideas within the team. They are unconcerned with personal authority and completely focused on the development of each individual team member. We call this leadership style Structured Autonomy. We can chart its impact and show why it is more effective. We train leaders to lead effective problem solving teams.

Common Purpose (Mission)

A common purpose is the uniting force in a team, yet many teams lack this fundamental attitude. Without it, a team is likely to be vulnerable to any number of distractions like  office politics, internal competitiveness and information silos. Every team member should understand the purpose or mission of the team and puts it as their top priority at work. We help teams define and master their common purpose

Trust and Respect

Trust and respect is how each team member feels about their teammates and leaders. A failure in trust and respect can lead to the largest drop in problem solving capability in a team that we've measured. Our research shows us that almost every team can improve in this critical area and thus gain a significant edge for their company. We help teams to build the relationships they need to effectively solve problems and unlock innovation. 


For a team to function at its highest potential clear and timely communication is critical. In almost every instance communication is the solution to confusion. Faulty or incomplete communication can block an otherwise effective team from solving problems and creating the innovation needed to succeed in today's competitive environment. Communication is a team skill that can be improved with practice. We help teams improve communication so they can flourish.


Good teams are organized. Great teams organize themselves. Effective teams work in a system where the best person for a task effortlessly rotates to that task without internal struggle. They also insure that information is distributed to those who need it in the clearest and simplest way possible.  Organization is a skill and as such there is always room for improvement. We teach teams how to be self organizing powerhouses.

Our team leadership consultants understand these five foundation principles and know how to teach them to team leaders and team members using proven experience based learning events and training.

Leadership Style
Common Purpose
Trust and Respect


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