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Team Building at Mystery Escape Room

Fun, Affordable and Effective

Pardew Principle has joined forces with Mystery Escape Room because they really understand how to put on an impressive team building experience. They go beyond a typical escape room and deliver an impactful and useful event that builds team spirit and helps team members learn how to work together better at a team. Our partnership with Mystery Escape Room gives us a powerful platform to teach the underlying principles that teams need to be successful.

Mystery Escape room is also very affordable for team building activities. Teams of up to 12 people can book events for as little as $425 that includes the escape room followed by a training discussion with a qualified team building instructor. If you want the best results for your team look no further than Mystery Escape Room. Below you will find more information about Mystery Escape Room and what they offer.

More Fun

Mystery Escape Room takes team building seriously. They do everything they can to make the experience fun, engaging and rewarding for the whole team from immersive rooms to meaningful team discussions. They go to great lengths to insure that every team member has a great time including designing puzzles that, while challenging, build team communication and encourage team problem solving.

More Engaging

Mystery Escape Room adventures are immersive escape adventures with live actors as guides who introduce participants to their room then watch and interact with them while the team is in the room from our monitoring station. They are integrated into the puzzles of the room and are part of the unique Mystery Escape Room experience. Ask anyone who has come to a Mystery Escape Room adventure and they will tell you that the actors are what really sets us apart from other escape rooms.

The sets at Mystery Escape Room are immersive with great attention to detail so the group feels like they have traveled to a different time and place. There is even a time/space machine to take you to your adventure. The rooms are also large enough that you won’t feel cramped even with larger teams.

The puzzles at Mystery Escape Room are inventive and cover a wide range of puzzle types so no matter what your people’s interests are, there is probably a puzzle in the room that they will be good at solving.

More Team Performance

Escape rooms are almost magical in the way they bring team members together in a common purpose. The experience fosters better team relationships and trust building, but these important aspects of the adventure can be lost, if they are not recognized by the team.

Once your team is done with your escape room experience, we give your group an opportunity to learn valuable team concepts in a relaxed discussion setting. Our Mystery Escape Room staff will lead your group in an evaluation of your team performance in our onsite classroom giving you a learning experience like no other.

Mystery Escape Room is involved in a major research study with Carnegie Mellon University, and Pardew Principle, to learn how to help teams become more effective. We’ve collected data from thousands of teams and are using it to better understand how teams work in the critical areas of investigative thinking and problem solving. We can help your team identify team strengths and weaknesses that can improve your team performance and make your everyday job more fun and rewarding.

More Than Easy

At Mystery Escape Room we can handle all your team building needs in one place for one price including our team building event, dining at select restaurants, lodging at select Hotels and transportation. Call one of our team building planners today.

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