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The needs of every team are different, so we've developed a variety of services that allow us to customize our services to the needs of the organization. Our services range from individual events to week long workshops and ongoing training. Here are a few of the many training options we provide. 

A speaking presentation by Les Pardew and his associates is much more than a simple speech. It is an interactive audio visual journey that will have the entire audience engaged from beginning to end. Les has gamified the presentation process making it a truly memorable experience. Part escape room, part adventure, part game the audience participates in new way that brings the lessons of teamwork to life. 

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We specialize in delivering immersive and engaging team building events that are both challenging and insightful. We have a variety of team building activities from immersive escape rooms to multi-day workshops. 

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Imagine learning about team leadership in an immersive hands on 3 day workshop where participants are taught through high-powered experiential activities and coached by the top leaders and trainers in the industry. That is what you get with one of our leadership training events. 

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Explore ways to build better collaboration and problem solving over long distances. We have developed engaging events for dispersed teams that meet online. These events help teams overcome the communication barriers that are common when teams are not all in the same location. 

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