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Something New, Different and Exciting for Your Next Event


Les Pardew is not a typical Keynote Speaker. Les brings a new meaning to presentations with an interactivity that goes beyond slides, videos or stage shows. Les engages the audience with interactive games that inspire while everyone is having fun. Imagine a presentation where the audience goes on an adventure to solve a mystery. Split into teams of 4 to 8 people, participants work together in a hand-on problem solving experience that pushes teams to their limit as they scramble to solve the mystery before time runs out. Part escape room, part interactive game, part experiential learning, each presentation is filled with experiences that will inspire, enable and empower participants to reach new heights of teamwork and cooperation. Les then uses the shared interactive experience to drive home important team building concepts derived from years of team performance research. It is the gamification of the keynote that will have your audience talking for the rest of the conference.

Here Are What People are Saying


2019 American Free Enterprise Success Se
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Nothing else comes close as a SUPER CHANGE agency for Fortune institutions 


"Les executes The Escape Room using game theory to reform brain software in teams. Because the only way out of the escape room is to cooperate, and no amount of competition can get team members out, the effects are lasting. The brain new software of using cooperation to problem solve is immediate and long lasting. CEO Space and The Escape Room are two institutional processes that work quickly. CEO Space requires a week off-site at our hosting locations every sixty days, or five times a year, for teams and leadership upgrading. Les Pardew’s Escape Room comes to your divisions across the world and works in a short time to upgrade performance outcomes, thereby fostering massive new creative problem solving abilities. Nothing else comes close as a SUPER CHANGE agency for Fortune institutions and their peers."


Dohrmann, Berny. Super Change: How to Survive and Thrive in an Uncertain Future . Waterside Productions. Kindle Edition.

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I can not say enough about the value of his Escape Rooms as a teaching tool.


"I engaged Les Pardew to present an escape room at the 9th Annual American Free Enterprise Success Seminar.  This program provides career  training and scholarships to high school seniors. We have now trained and have given 2800 scholarship.  Usually, after a full day of training, students are ready to take a break before the evening scholarship banquet.  However, when they learned the afternoon activity would be an Escape Room, they swarmed to the Escape Room site and they stayed fully engaged to the very end.  I can not say enough about the value of his Escape Rooms as a teaching tool.  Additionally, Les presented an Escape Room experience for adults at my Mentoring in the Mountains Retreat and they, too, were fully engaged and loved the entire experience."


-Kathy Loveless, MS, CSP; Founder American Free Enterprise Success Seminar, CEO and founder, Loveless Enterprises, Inc.

Les delivers a very memorable experience

The use of escape rooms is a very engaging and effective way to surface group dynamics so that teams can explore them and learn how to work together effectively. It definitely beats traditional corporate training, and Les delivers a very memorable experience.

Anita Williams Woolley, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory, Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business


He is entertaining, thought-provoking and powerful


"I have been involved twice with Les Pardew in an “escape” game experience.  He created engaging experiences that compelled synergistic cooperation and team building…as a matter of simulated life and death! Teams learn on deadline to interact and solve multi-faceted problems that require simultaneous treatment rather than sequential treatment. This forces successful teams to delegate and rely on others, which bonds participants while teaching the critical value of teamwork, which is highly transferable.  The post-experience debriefing provides leadership insights and cements lessons-learned. He is entertaining, thought-provoking and powerful. I recommend Les Pardew for any organization looking to build leadership and all things team. I wish I had known about Les when I led the Utah Attorney General’s office."

John Swallow, Utah Attorney General, retired


Truly an exhilarating experience

Mystery Escape Rooms are exciting because they require fast paced teamwork. Everyone has a chance to shine and show their skills whether in a small group of 12 or a large group of over 200. Every time I have participated in an Mystery Escape Room, I have discovered new skills in myself and others. Learning to work in unity with friends, family, or coworkers is truly an exhilarating experience!


Diana Lacey, Stake Young Women President, Alpine North Stake, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Keynote Speaker

Problem solving that will bring greater revenue and profit for the company

Simply put, Mystery Escape Room captivated my attention, refresh my mind, gave me an insight into how collective problem solving can give us the solutions for ever-changing challenges we faced in the real world. 
I highly recommend everyone to consider this entertaining game format to learn how to maximize the people power {empowerment through collective participation/ focus on problem solving that will bring greater revenue and profit for the company}. 

Henry Hironaka, President/CEO, Air Spencer USA

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